4 Methods How to Fix “The Firmware File is Not Compatible” issue

Go ahead and choose your preferred solutions to fix iPhone won’t restore problem and unleash the true potential of your device. In order to fix iPhone won’t restore error like this, check the quality of the USB/lightning cable. Try using a different computer or replace your cable. An error like this might happen due to a hardware issue. If you still get it, then you might need to put your device on recovery stage https://mega888tm.net/step-by-step-guide-how-to-flash-xiaomi-firmware-on/ while connecting it to your system.

  • In case the problem persists, try Stellar Toolkit for iPhone to fix the iOS issue.
  • This is the last way I should attempt to fix iPad’s disconnection to Wi-Fi due to its data loss.
  • Now, let’s see how to fix black screen on iPhone in 4 workarounds.
  • This tool can be used to retrieve lost files from iCloud/iTunes.
  • First, you need to delete your existing incompatible or corrupt backup from iTunes, create a new backup, and then restore your device with iTunes.

A firmware update – when available – will need to be completed in order to change settings on your Victron product using VictronConnect. The Device Firmware Update/Upgrade (DFU) Mode allows all devices to be restored from any state. You can use it to solve more difficult problems, like downgrading the iOS or jailbreaking the device. Here are the guides on how to enter/exit DFU mode.

Your iTunes fails to recognize your iPhone because it is bricked. Similar problematic situations include iTunes error 9, 4013, 4005, etc. 5. Your iPhone is stuck in the Recovery Mode or DFU Mode and iTunes cannot recognize the phone. Your iTunes encounters bugs, cannot function normally, or you cannot install iTunes to your computer.

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How to define if a Word .docx or .doc file is corrupted or not? Check the signs of Word file corruption, and if you currently are experiencing one of the issues, your DOCX or DOC file is corrupted. When the download is completed, your iPhone is being repaired now.

  • Then press the “Next” button to proceed to the next window.
  • Follow the steps below to reset the NVRAM/PRAM on your Mac device.
  • This software makes it super easy for everyone by giving instructions.
  • There are 6 available solutions which are proved to be effective.

A few minutes later, the device will restart in normal mode. This program is highly praised by users. You can now download iMyFone Fixppo to install the compatible firmware to your iPhone. The best way to correct the iPhone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible error is to use iPhone fixing software. Otherwise, you put your device at risk of mishandling.